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Jewelry is gorgeous ! Unfortunately, it can be difficult to take what your imagination creates and turn it into an actual product and price too high to do marketing .That is why you should consider CHINGYING JEWELRY’s professional CAD / mass order services .


Let Your Creativity Shine With Our CAD Services

Our CAD services allow jewelry online/offline stores and jewelry designers to think outside the box when it comes to creating custom jewelry series. No longer are they bound by what they can physically create by hand. Instead, a computer software program can help turn a creative and innovative design concept into reality.

The CAD services at CHINGYING JEWELRY are ideal for jewelry designers that want to create new collection for their own jewelry brand or for jewelry stores. Jewelry designers will also find these services helpful as they can offer customers the chance to create unique, personalized pieces of jewelry ,quickly for choose ; or they can create one-of-a-kind jewelry collection with goods efficient sold at jewelry stores or jewelry online


3-DAY CAD Design

Whether you are a jewelry designer looking to create new pieces or a jewelry wholesaler that wants to expand your services or inventory, the CAD services offered by CHINGYING JEWELRY will be able to help.

Jewelers and designers choose CHINGYING JEWELRY because of our unique services. When it comes to CAD services, CHINGYING provides the following:

  • 3-day CAD designs ,CAD shadow band services
  • Creation of prototypes ,Creation of castable models
  • Grow design made with wax
  • 15 years jewelry experience assistant job coordinator
  • Jewelry Sample consistent with your original design
  • Bulk Order quality assurance

We Can Grow Your CAD File
The CAD Services department accepts STL and 3DM files for model creation using our array of rapid prototyping machines and methods. All methods of production are assigned to produce the highest quality output. High-resolution photo-plastics for model mastering are available, as are highly castable models for approvals, molding and casting.

Growing Machine Options:

Digital Wax
Wax Milling (when applicable)
Material Options:

Photo-Ceramic (master/mold)
Photo-Plastic (mold/approval/direct cast)
Wax (mold/approval/direct cast)


Why Choose CHINGYING for Your CAD Services?

Casting House is a full-service custom jewelry manufacturing company that provides jewelers and designers with access to manufacturing solutions that will help grow their inventory. For over 20 years, CHINGYING has helped more than 2,000 jewelers all across the world.

Customers who have used CHINGYING’s CAD services have noticed improved customer experiences, faster lead times, reduction in labor costs, and faster delivery times of a final product to the customer.

Fast, Quick and Reliable Services From CHINGYING JEWELRY
Time is of the essence when it comes to creating jewelry. No one wants to wait weeks for a prototype of the finished product. That is why CHINGYING JEWELRY offers a 3-day turnaround on all standard CAD designs and CAD shadow band services.

A 3-day turnaround allows our customers to get their finished product in a timely manner. There is no lengthy wait period between the time when the design is created and a prototype is manufactured and sent.

Even though our CAD jewelry design services are quick, they are extremely reliable. Our production methods are designed to produce the highest quality output.

Contact CHINGYING JEWELRY today to learn more about our CAD services. A personal job coordinator will contact you to discuss how our CAD services can help you make your jewelry designing dreams a reality.

To get started, contact your job coordinator today.

We offer price breaks to customers who use both CAD services and OEM/ODM services.

New clients please contact Sammy Wu , VP of Sales at mo@kingjy.com or 0086 18027382203