A: What are the differences between S925 and 925 stamped ?

B: S925 and 925 are the same for silver 925.


A: Which jewelry factory is the best in Guangzhou China ?

B: All factory quality is based on customer requirements to do. Our company has done Swarovski and Shiseido famous brand OEM . You can see the quality of our company up to international level standard.


A: How to ensure the quality for your jewelry?

B: Our production process is confirm the sample before do order , we produce it as per samples quality standard,If you have doubts about the quality of our goods, you can prefer go to our factory do quality checking or you can order through our Alibaba website, Commissioned a third party to do quality inspection for you .


A: What is difference between IP plating and electro plating?

B: IP plating is through the high temperature of the chemical liquid color attached to the product, in fact, it is no gold inside. It normally can use 1 year at least , but because it is through the high temperature of these products can not be inlaid with zircon, can only be finished after the plating stick stone or hand inlaid.

electro plating is put the product into gold water filled the color. It is containing precious gold content. This practice can be done in accordance with international environmental certification requirements.